Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday's Tutorial (on Wednesday)

A day late, but I really did have a good excuse.

Today, we are learning a beading basic technique, an
Eye Loop.

For this you will need...
1. Either an eye/head pin or some 20 gauge wire or smaller depending on what you want to do with it
2. Round Nose Pliers
3. Possibly some chain/needle nose pliers
4. Cutters
Step 1: Load your beads onto your pin. I am using an eye pin in this picture, but if you are using wire, you will want to do this step after you make a loop.Step 2: With your round nose pliers, bend the pin/wire 90 degrees just above the bead. If this is your first step because you are using wire, you will want to bend it about 1/2 inch down the wire.Step 3: While still holding onto your pin/wire with the pliers, wrap the wire around the pliers. The closer to the base of the pliers you wrap it, the bigger the loop will be.Step 4: Cut your wire right about where the neck starts. If you are using flush cutters, make sure the flush cutters are facing the loop.Step 5: With your chain nose pliers, close the loop by grabbing the loop at an angle shown here. This way it will bend and look like a rounded loop. There is also another way to make it look completely rounded, if this way doesn't work well for you-but that is for another day.To open your loop, Do Not grab it with the tip of the pliers, as shown below.Instead, grab it with the side of your pliers and pull open.You can connect it to chain, other eye loops, etc.

If you would like to purchase any of the items you see here, leave a comment.
Stay tuned for more tutorials about making loops including the wrapped loop!


  1. Inspiration! I just bought some 20 gauge wire for a different project the other day!

  2. Awesome, you will want some to do a wrapped loop too!

  3. would it be ok if i put a post on my blog to yours? i love the stuff you do and one day i swear i will order from you.
    but im still in denial that you are old enough to be a mom. my favorite memory of you is of one easter when your mom made you dresses and yours had underwear and you were so proud of that!

  4. Um....waiting impatiently for a new tutorial...

  5. i posted a link from my blog to yours today. i love the finery you are doing! xoxox


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