Sunday, January 16, 2011

A great surprise and a move.

I just wanted to post a picture from my computer. It has nothing to do with the post, but who doesn't love pictures?

Sorry it's been a whole month. But it's a great story.

My husband decided about a month into his deployment that he was going to lie to me and tell me they were keeping him two weeks longer and that he wasn't going to be home for Christmas or New Year's. And I had 5 months to get used to this, so it wasn't a huge deal until about the last two weeks. I decided that I really wanted my husband home for Christmas and I was getting bitter. But on December 23rd (the day after my baby's first birthday-darn) I woke up to a great surprise. It was absolutely wonderful having him home.

But since he came home early, we also left four days later, and there was NO WAY I was going to spend a single minute away from him blogging. Sorry readers. So, now we are staying with some friends until our house on base is ready (not until Feb 7th-ish). And unfortunately I don't have much space to do anything, not even sewing. So that will just have to wait until we move. I'm pretty much dying. I might have to bring some stuff in out of the car anyway.
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