Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My first pair of wire wrapped earrings!

I made my first pair of wire wrapped earrings, and though I do think they are super cute, I've got more ideas and designs just flooding my head. More to come!

I made these with silver plated copper wire and green bicone crystals.

Do you like these earrings? Would you like a tutorial?


  1. Wow! I think these are awesome!

  2. I want a tutorial on the wire wrapping. I saw a super cute memory wire bracelet recently and some of the memory wire were wire wrapped, so I'm very interested. And the earrings are super cute. I would surely wear them!

  3. i don't need the tute. i just need the earrings!

  4. Jenny-I was totally going to put on this post that you could also use memory wire to wrap around, but I had already posted it, and I got lazy.

  5. I like the earring and would want a pair...definitely want the tutorial


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